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The Richardson Gang was an English crime gang based in South London, England, in the 2 Methods 3 Feud with the Krays; 4 "Torture Trial" 5 Aftermath; 6 Notes; 7 References; 8 Further reading Charlie Richardson and George Cornell had first met the Krays while in ISBN 0-283-99709-5; Richardson, Eddie. George Cornell was an English criminal and member of the Richardson Gang, who were scrap metal dealers and criminals. He was shot and killed by Ronnie Kray at the Blind Beggar public house in He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died at around 3:30am. The news spread rapidly. Although Ronnie Kray was. David Litvinoff was a consultant for the British film industry who traded on his knowledge of the . She had four children with her first husband and five including David Litvinoff with her second . Through Ronnie Kray, Litvinoff met Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud who were friends . Paul Scott, Daily Mail, 5 January Frank Davidson "Frankie" Fraser, better known as "Mad" Frankie Fraser (13 December 1923 – 26 November 2014), was an English gangster and criminal who spent 42 years in prison for numerous violent offences. Contents. hide 1 Early life; 2 Post-war; 3 The Richardson Gang; 4 Violence; 5 Later life; 6 met Charlie and Eddie Richardson of the Richardson Gang, rivals to the Kray.

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